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The ConstitutionConstitutionConstitution 8 July 2016
Member HandbookHandbookMember Handbook
Section Leader HandbookHandbookSection Leader Handbook
Trustee Handbook HandbookTrustee Handbook
Choir Officer Handbook HandbookChoir Officer Handbook
Equality PolicyPolicy documentEquality
Privacy PolicyPolicy documentPrivacy and Data Protection
Safeguarding PolicyPolicy DocumentSafeguarding
Borrowing Equipment RequestPolicy documentBorrowing Equipment from Reading Male Voice Choir
Informal Singing RequestsPolicy documentInformal Singing Requests
Health and Safety PolicyHealth and SafetyRMVC HS1-Policy_Feb2023
EmergenciesHealth and SafetyRMVC HS4-Good Practice-Emergencies_Feb2023
Risk Assessment for RehearsalsHealth and SafetyRMVC HS3-Good Practice-Rehearsals_Feb2023
Concert ActivitiesHealth and SafetyRMVC HS2-Good Practice-Concert Activities_Feb2023
Staging Set-up MethodGood PracticeDownload
Staging DiagramsGood PracticeStaging2Imp




Catering AdviceAdviceCatering advice for charity and community groups providing food
Secretary RoleAdviceSecretary Job Role July 2023
Concert Secretary RoleAdviceConcert Secretary Job Role July 2023
New Member Introduction LetterNew MemberWelcome membership letter 2019[575]
Membership ApplicationNew MemberMembership Application
List of music held by members April 2024LibraryLIST OF MUSIC HELD BY MEMBERS 2024 02 21-1
Music held in Library April 2024LibraryCopy of RMVC MUSIC LIBRARY 2024 Kevin Boyle 24 04 09
Table of member music numbers by SectionLibraryCopy of Choir names by section 2024 04 09-2
Sanctus Copyright agreement p1Library
Sanctus Copyright agreement p2Library