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The ConstitutionConstitutionConstitution 8 July 2016
Member HandbookHandbookMember Handbook Feb 2019
Section Leader HandbookHandbookSection Leader Handbook 8 July 2016
Trustee Handbook HandbookTrustee Handbook 8 July 2016
Choir Officer Handbook HandbookChoir Officer Handbook June 2017
Equality PolicyPolicy documentEquality
Privacy PolicyPolicy documentDownload
Safeguarding PolicyPolicy Documentsafeguarding-policy
Borrowing Equipment RequestPolicy documentDownload
Informal Singing RequestsPolicy documentDownload
Health and Safety PolicyHealth and SafetyHS1-Policy_Feb2022f
EmergenciesHealth and SafetyHS4-Good Practice-Emergencies_Feb2022f
Risk Assessment for RehearsalsHealth and SafetyHS3-Good Practice-Rehearsals_Feb2022f
Concert ActivitiesHealth and SafetyHS2-Good Practice-Concert Activities_Feb2022f
Staging Set-up MethodGood PracticeDownload
Van Driving and Equipment HandlingGood PracticeDownload
Catering AdviceAdviceDownload
New Member Introduction LetterNew MemberMembers Introduction Letter
New Member FormNew MemberMembership Form