7pm | 28 jan | christ Church, Woodley

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Happy New Year!

Our first concert of 2023. We’re very pleased to be back at Christ Church, Woodley in support of Parkinson’s UK Reading Branch

Eleanor Stevens sporano

Our guest artist is the very talented soprano Eleanor Stevens.

Elle was Master of Music Vocal Performance Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama 2019 and a former Scholar with the BBC National Chorus of Wales.

Eleanor Stevens soprano

What is Parkinson's?

Parkinsonism is a term that covers several conditions, including Parkinson’s and others with similar symptoms. Some, including healthcare professionals and people with the condition, call it Parkinson’s disease, or PD for short.

We call it Parkinson’s. We don’t use the word ‘disease’ because some people with Parkinson’s have told us it sounds negative, or like an infectious illness. But unlike the flu or measles, you can’t catch Parkinson’s from someone.

We don’t yet know exactly why people get Parkinson’s. Researchers think it’s a combination of age, genetic, and environmental factors that cause the dopamine-producing nerve cells to die.

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